What is The Aqueerium VR experience?

The Aqueerium Training Video

The Octopus's Garden Virtual Reality Test Room

  1. Paste the link below in your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). Select "Enter Room" (more about VR headset options soon).

Test Link:

2. On initial use of Hubs, you will typically be asked to Accept or Browse available avatars. We recommend selecting "Accept" for the default Avatar offered. If you do decide to browse the other Avatars available, we do not recommend selecting "+ Create Avatar".

3. You may be asked whether you are using a supported VR headset. If you are just entering via mobile or PC device without a supported VR headset, select "Enter on Screen":

4. Assuming that you are comfortable with your microphone being active, select "Next", and then if prompted "Allow". You can mute your microphone later inside the room anytime.

5. Select "Enter Now" and/or adjust audio output settings.

6. We recommend you review the documentation on controls within the room. Basic controls include:

7. Once in the room, you will be able to:

  • Play with the Octopus (e.g. point your mouse at an Octopus, hold left key and drag)

  • Play with the green glowing ball (as above)

  • Using the "/fly" enabled mode, swim to the top of the tank to visit the pristine beach on shore

  • Use a 'Tardis' to teleport to a new location.

Project Overview

Very soon, The AQueeriumVR will compromise of EIGHT connected rooms and gamification:

  1. The Aqueerium greeting and entry lounge

  2. Beach clean-up

  3. Whale University

  4. Beyond the Sea

  5. Yellow Submarine

  6. Sea of Monsters

  7. The Octopus's Garden

  8. Marine Ecology education space

Project Intention

Our oceans are under threat. A threat we don’t often see because most of us only see the ocean from the outside looking in, and we can’t directly see the impact of toxins and climate change on marine ecology. And isn’t our life itself now like swimming continuously round and round in a fish bowl?

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

But if you can’t sea it, how will you know it’s gone?

Beach Cleanup

Beyond the Sea

The Octopus's Garden

Whale University

Yellow Submarine

Sea of Monsters

Can you find the White Rabbit?